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Business Transactions

What you should expect from me:

          Innovative and sound legal advice that is in the best interest of your business.

During my four plus decades of experience, I have handled hundreds of transactions and contracts, and am well-versed in both the business and legal factors required for securing well-negotiated deals for my clients.

If stable business relationships and successful results are important to you, I can help by working with you to ensure that your ideas and goals will be carefully and thoughtfully incorporated throughout the process of contract negotiation and drafting. This collaboration will help address and resolve your key business relationship issues.

My business transactions experience includes:

               •Contract negotiation and drafting;

               •Nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements;

               •Consulting agreements;

               •Personal property sales and purchase agreements;

               •Asset and stock purchase and sales agreements;

               •Negotiation and settlement of contract disputes.

If you have questions about my business transaction services and experience, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Contact Me.


Business and Commercial Litigation

I view litigation strategies in the context of my clients’ business objectives. From negotiating an out-of-court settlement to litigating a matter at trial, I am focused on how to best achieve your business’ goals.

Litigation is a multi-dimensional endeavor, one that demands flexibility, creativity, and persistence. I begin each representation by reviewing my client’s goals, and then methodically develop a strategy to achieve them. During each and every stage of the litigation process, I remain committed to strategically working with you to realize your business objectives.

Litigation is an intensive and time-consuming process. I appreciate this, and remain open to exploring potential methods to resolve commercial disputes outside of litigation, including arbitration strategies, an area in which I have significant experience.

My Experience Counts

My years of experience in litigating business and commercial disputes in both state and federal courts can greatly assist you. In addition to courtroom litigation, I have extensive experience arbitrating complex disputes. This expertise enables me to devise workable litigation strategies in a host of complex legal matters.

Some of my business and commercial litigation experience includes the following:

•Representing an individual seeking the proceeds of a life insurance policy against a national life insurance company and other parties.

•Representing a parking garage operator tenant in its claim for damages against the landlord of a commercial office building as a result of the landlord blocking some of the parking spaces resulting in the tenant’s loss of income in violation of the lease.

•Defending an individual against a claim by his former attorney for legal fees, and prosecuting a malpractice counterclaim against the former attorney.

•Representing a corporate client seeking damages in the form of a commission under a professional service agreement.

•Representation of an individual professional medical services provider in her claim for damages against her former corporate employer.

•Representation of a developer seeking to evict a commercial tenant in breach of both its lease and local statutes, all as part of the developer’s plan to construct a new office building on the site.  Contact Me.


Real Estate

I recognize that no two commercial transactions are alike and that most anything is possible, if not negotiable, in a commercial setting.  My vast experience provides my clients with the peace of mind and confidence that each transaction will be handled with the focus and attention to detail that each unique matter requires.  Over the years, I have dealt with a wide spectrum of issues including the following:

•Drafting & Negotiation Commercial Leases

•Drafting & Negotiation Commercial Purchase Agreements

•Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Residential Real Estate

Whether it is a client’s first home or an investor’s purchase of a property, I provide representation to individuals and entities who actively and/or passively invest in residential real estate.  I can assist clients with a myriad of residential issues including the following:

•Drafting and Negotiating Purchase and Sale Agreements

•Landlord/Tenant Disputes

•Drafting and Negotiating Leases  Contact Me.


Real Estate Litigation

In addition to drafting real estate related documents, I assist my clients with complex real estate litigation matters.  I have represented clients in a vast array of real estate matters that have made their way into the courtroom, ranging from injunctions and breach of contracts to the appeal of commercial real estate assessments.

A small sample of the real estate litigation matters I have handled include the following:

•Representation of a real estate broker suing the owner of a large tract of land for a real estate commission.

•Representation of the owner of real estate to enforce the “limited use” provision contained in a commercial property lease by seeking a temporary, preliminary, and permanent injunction.

•Representing a regional parking garage operator seeking payment under a Garage Operating Agreement for monies due from the apartment building ownership.

•Representing the owner of industrial property for eight (8) consecutive tax years against the proposed inflated real estate assessment by the taxing authority.

•Representation of landlords seeking possession of commercial real estate pursuant to breach of lease agreements.

I have also defended:

•A purchaser of commercial real property against a claim by a tenant that it had a right of first refusal from the seller.

•A homeowner’s right to cancel a Design-Build Agreement with a contractor, and asserting a counterclaim based upon the contractor’s breach of contract and violations of state and federal statutes.

•Tenants defending suits brought by landlords who were seeking possession of commercial real estate pursuant to alleged breach of lease agreements.  Contact Me.


Employment Law

This area of law may include, but is not necessarily limited to, the following matters. As you will see below, my experience in this field may be able to assist you in your employment status or contractual concerns:

Alleged Wrongful Termination: Frequently involves allegations of employment contract breaches.

Employment Contracts: May involve drafting employment contracts for employers or employees as well as enforcing provisions contained in employment contracts.

Non-Competition Agreements: When dealing with non-competition agreements, it is critical to know how to draft a non-compete which meets legal requirements, as well as to have the ability to enforce non-compete contracts.

Non-Solicitation Agreements: Attempts by former employees to solicit customers or clients frequently results in significant business costs, both monetarily and otherwise. A properly drafted non-solicitation agreement may assist you in protecting your important business relationships.

Confidentiality Agreements: Employees frequently have access to highly sensitive proprietary information about their employers. Confidentiality agreements are often helpful in preventing employees from disseminating proprietary information.

The following represent some of my employment law experience:

•Representing an at-will employee seeking damages against his employer resulting from the employer’s termination of employment without prior reasonable notice to the employee

•Representing a regional courier service in its claim that an employee breached a covenant not to compete, and requesting damages and an injunction.

•Defending an individual and corporate client against a wage claim of a former employee of the corporate client.  Contact Me.


Personal Injury Claims

Representing the Injured in Virginia and Washington D.C.

Explore your options with Allen E. Hirschmann, trial lawyer with extensive experience in personal injury law.

If someone else's action - or negligence - caused your injuries, then you may be legally justified in seeking monetary compensation for your injuries and losses.

No Recovery, No Fee • 703-812-8360

I have the experience and negotiating savvy to obtain the maximum compensation on your behalf. I have represented personal injury victims throughout Northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C. area for more than 40 years.

Auto Accidents — I will fight to recover full and fair compensation for your losses from the negligent driver and insurance companies.

Premises LiabilityIf you were injured in a slip and fall accident because of negligent conditions, you may have a case for monetary damages against the property owner.

False ArrestIf law enforcement officers have arrested you without probable cause or employed excessive force, you may have a claim for monetary damages against the officer.

Contact me for a case evaluation. I take personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis— I collect no attorney fees unless I obtain compensation for you.  Contact Me.


I have been a commercial arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) for over twenty (20) years. Arbitration is a cost-effective alternative to litigation, and each of the AAA’s commercial arbitrators possess years of category specific knowledge and experience. As an arbitrator, I act as a judge, making the final determination in the form of an Award where the parties and their attorneys have selected me to be the arbitrator for their specific case.

Sample Arbitration Cases

All of the cases in which I was chosen as the arbitrator involved some form of business dispute, and most required the interpretation of a written agreement by the disputing parties. Some of the cases in which I have been an arbitrator include the following:

•The interpretation of whether certain accounting functions of the landlord were a reimbursable operating expense based upon the definitions contained in the parties' lease.

•The interpretation of certain provisions of an operating agreement of an LLC, and its applicability to the purchase of a restaurant.

•The interpretation of a fee sharing agreement between lawyers dealing with the splitting of fees. After several days of the hearing, the lawyers entered into a settlement agreement. However, several years later, the lawyers resumed arbitration to interpret the applicability of the settlement agreement to certain fees collected.

•I have been selected to act as the arbitrator in numerous cases involving a national motel chain and the interpretation of provisions of its franchise agreement. In each case, the franchisor was claiming damages as a result of a breach of the franchise agreement.

•A claim for damages resulting from the interpretation of certain provisions of a long term lease involving a large automobile dealership.

•A case involving the buy-sell provision contained in the operating agreement of an LLC, and my determination of the value of each member’s interest based upon the factual testimony as well as the testimony of the accounting experts provided by each party.

•A fee dispute between a large law firm and one of its clients based upon the retainer agreement which contained a provision for the assessment of fees in the event the firm pursued collection of its attorney’s fees as set forth in the retainer agreement. One of the issues was the client’s request for a set off based upon a malpractice claim.

•A contract dispute between a national association that had contracted with a fund raising entity in which the amount in dispute exceeded One Million Dollars.  Contact Me.



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